Podere Il Palazzino is located in Monti in Chianti, 20 km north-east of Siena, in the southern part of the Chianti area, in the direction of Gaiole. It is a farm of twenty hectares dedicated largely to viticulture and to a lesser extent to the cultivation of olive trees. The Palazzino is part of that heritage of farmhouses, residences and farms that were built or restored during the eighteenth century with the agrarian reform of Pietro Leopoldo, the Grand Duke of Tuscany belonging to the Habsburg-Lorraine family. The Sderci family became the owner of Podere Il Palazzino in the mid-nineteenth century. Due to the small size, the working procedures are strictly artisanal with mostly manual processes. To protect their living and working environment, owners do not use chemicals that are harmful to the soil. The management of plants is respectful of their natural balance with interventions that improve ventilation, exposure to sunlight and humidity control in order to increase the self-defense of plants against attacks by diseases or harmful insects. In the vineyards, insecticides, herbicides and all types of synthetic products have been banned. In the cellar the fermentation is carried out without adding selected yeasts, the malolactic fermentation takes place in a natural way and the use of antioxidants is reduced to a minimum. The Sderci family has owned the farm since the mid-nineteenth century, but Alessandro has built the current vineyards and the new completely underground cellar.