BLEND: Malvasia and Trebbiano

TERROIR: Limestone and Clay

ALTITUDE: 360 a.s.l.

VINEYARDS: Gaiole in Chianti

AGE: 15 – 30 Y


HARVEST: Handpicked selection

AGEING: Chestnut barrels (caratelli)

PRODUCTION: 1.000 bottles.

Vinsanto del Palazzino is produced with white Malvasia grapes and in a very low percentage, from Trebbiano. The grapes are harvested at the end of September and hung with iron hooks in rooms with good ventilation. In this way, after a few months of drying, a must rich in extract and sugars is obtained which is sealed in small chestnut or oak barrels so that once the availability of oxygen inside the cask is exhausted, fermentation is forced to stop . In the following years, as a sufficient quantity of oxygen has penetrated again through the porosity of the wood, thanks also to the temperatures reached in the summer in the storage rooms, repeated short fermentations take place, up to an alcohol content of 12 to 15 degrees, the level on which it stabilizes and after at least seven years from the harvest, the Vinsanto can be taken for bottling. The yield, at the end of this long process, is generally less than 20 ql. of vinsanto per hectare. The annual production of the Palazzino is around 1,000 bottles of 375 ml.